Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Boobs and Prom Dresses


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I have had lots of Mum's asking me recently about bra solutions for under Prom Dresses, since we are about to embark on school Prom season, these solutions can also be used under Summer Dresses, Wedding Gowns and even on tops with low or racer backs.

Let's start with a simple solution if your dress is strapless or racer back, easy a great strapless bra in either nude or the colour of your gown is best, if your dress is racer back, these clips are brilliant for securing the racer back look on your own bra.

I'm going to use Lucy, my daughter as an example of how you can get the best look under your Prom Dress.
For her Year 13 Prom Lucy wore this dress, which as you can see has a cowl front but a high back, so she used Cups and she also taped the dress to her so that she felt secure that the cowl at the front wouldn't show anything it shouldn't and so she felt safe in the knowledge that she could have a great night, knowing her dress would stay exactly in place.



For this dress, Lucy used the breast lift tape cups these are brilliant and go all the way to the H cup, they are extremely strong surgical tape that lift the bust into place and keep it secure all evening and include a nipple flower for extra protection, again as always she taped her dress to her body, safe in the knowledge that it was staying exactly how she wanted it to look ..


This dress was extremely tricky to wear but again Lucy wore the breast lift tape as above and she secured it with Lingerie Tape, however if you were wearing just a low back dress like this and wanted to wear your own bra the GO LO bra solution is perfect it attaches to your own bra and creates a low back solution



 Whenever Lucy wear's anything that is low fronted, low backed or stappy she always uses Lingerie Tape to secure the top in place, it's just such an ideal way to make sure that your top stays exactly where you want it to.

We stock all these solutions in Sheer Bliss and of course the perfect seam free brief and thong are the finishing touch to a perfect Prom look.

If we can help please do call in, you can also order any of the solutions over the phone 01423 869096 and we can post them to you. 

We are open Monday to Saturday 10am until 5pm.

Happy Prom Season

 Love Jayne
Sheer Bliss

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